Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions. You can scan the list, and if your question is not here, please Contact Us so we can provide the answer. (We love answering questions!)

What is SWYS?

SWYS stands for SAY WHAT YOU SEE®, the missing step in parenting and personal growth. It's the first step in our simple three-part parenting approach known as the Language of Listening®. If you want to stop yelling, being impatient, feeling annoyed, or getting angry, this "missing step" helps you instantly become more loving, understanding, supportive and even playful! Saying what you see, and the two steps that follow, also calm children's upsets, create trust, build confidence, inspire self-control, encourage creative problem-solving and keep the world of possibility open for the children you know and love! Learn more.

What ages is the Language of Listening® for?

While most of our parenting materials reference children of preschool or elementary school age, readers and class participants immediately see that the approach is valuable for all ages, including spouses! I mean, really, when does anyone outgrow the need to be heard? That’s why SAY WHAT YOU SEE® is also the basis of our personal growth adult class, Language of Listening® FOR YOU. Learn more about our classes.

What is the best way to learn to SAY WHAT YOU SEE®?

You can start right now by reading the handbook online, watching our short video examples, taking our online classes or ordering the workshop DVD. Parents and teachers around the world gain life-changing insight from as little as that. Our classes, private coaching, and blog provide endless opportunities for enrichment. And the best part is, everything you need to get going is right here on our website!

What class should I take first?

When in doubt, start with the basics. The Language of Listening® BASICS class presented in our Online Training Center gives you practical parenting tools and new perspectives that just feel right. The Language of Listening® PLAYTIME Class improves or deepens your relationship with your child. The Language of Listening® FOR YOU class speeds personal growth. PARENTING SOLUTIONS MEETINGS and PRIVATE COACHING for parenting or personal growth provide continued enrichment and support. Since each class starts from where you are, any class can be taken alone, as part of a series, or repeated to take you to the next level. Learn more.

How can I take a class?

Check our classes page and register online. To schedule a public or private class for your group or organization, Contact Us. The Online Training Center allows you to take our introductory and SWYS Basics Workshops any where, any time. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive class announcements.

Where do you hold classes?

We offer video classes on demand in our Online Training Center. Our live classes are scheduled by request and held at the host's facility (school, business, community center, church, home, etc). Many classes are located near our home base of Austin, Texas, but we love to travel! Click Here to see our current class listings, or Contact Us to schedule a class or speaking engagement for your group or organization.

The class I want says "Scheduled by request." How do I schedule a class?

Contact Us to schedule a private or public class or speaking engagement for your group or organization. Flat rates and fundraiser packages are available. Travel expenses apply outside the Austin, TX area.

Do you do private coaching?

Yes. Sandy and Eva do private coaching by request in person, over the phone or via Skype. Sandy specializes in parent coaching and Eva in life coaching. We are located in Austin, Texas, and love to travel. Learn more.

Does Language of Listening® staff do speaking engagements, interviews, radio shows, etc?

Yes. We do short introductions, interviews, radio shows, etc. Find out more about our speaking engagements or Contact Us to make arrangements. Professional fees and travel expenses may apply. Honorariums are welcome.

Does Language of Listening® do fundraisers?

Yes. Our Language of Listening® BASICS Class - Part I & II can be presented as a fundraiser. We charge a base rate plus materials (plus travel expenses outside the Austin, TX area). Your organization has no up-front costs, sets participant fees and keeps 25% of the profit. Contact Us for details.

Can I host a SAY WHAT YOU SEE® handbook study group or a meet-up group?

We welcome parents taking the lead in setting up book study or meet-up groups to promote the use of the Language of Listening® in the world. Let us know when and where you are meeting, and we will post it on our website. We may be able to support your group with a short Q&A session via Skype. Contact Us for details.

Is there a shorter version of Language of Listening® PLAYTIME than the 8-week class?

Language of Listening® PLAYTIME can be delivered as a weekend intensive when the 8-week class is not practical. Both versions are effective and provide 16 hours of training. As in the 8-week class, children do not attend classes, but during the weekend class your child must be available on-site from 11AM - 1PM each day for a "Power Playtime" with you before and after lunch. Contact Us for more details.

Is Language of Listening® PLAYTIME the same as play therapy?

No. Language of Listening® PLAYTIME is an exceptional parenting tool; not a substitute for play therapy. In our Playtime class parents use a controlled play setting to master saying what they see, focusing on their child’s strengths, and building deeper connections based on understanding. While it is valuable to learn how to connect with your child regardless of his or her psychological state, our Playtime class does not teach you to diagnose or heal psychological problems. When childhood therapy is indicated, play therapy is an excellent choice.

Language of Listening® sounds a lot like "How To Talk So Kids Will Listen…" Is it?

Our work has the same roots as Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish's How to Talk... series and Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication but is much simpler to use. You don’t have to look up what to do in a certain situation because you always start with the same thing: SAY WHAT YOU SEE®. Plus we are unique in our ability to find STRENGTHs in everything children do. Language of Listening® is fully compatible with many other parenting approaches including Haim Ginott’s Between Parent and Child , Lawrence Cohen’s Playful Parenting, Alfie Kohn’s Unconditional Parenting, and Foster Cline & Jim Fay’s Love and Logic. In fact, ours makes theirs easier to understand and apply. That’s why we include them in our recommended reading list.