Speaking Engagements & Press

Speaking Engagements: 

Our eye-opening presentations of Language of Listening® simple coaching skills leave audiences with new perspectives and practical tools they can use right away with children and themselves. Our Language of Listening® coaches are available for introductory classes, in-service workshops, custom presentations, media interviews, expert guest appearances, etc. Contact Us to make arrangements.

News 7 Article and TV Interview

Our handbook is the winner of two gold awards!

2012 Gold NAPPA Award Seal Gold eLit Award Seal


Interviews and guest blogs appearances include:






Sandy and Eva are frequent presenters for parent groups, organizations and businesses including:

  • Intel
  • Dell
  • University of Texas - Austin
  • Bump Club and Beyond - Austin
  • AMI-EAA Summer Conference
    (Association Montessori Internationale - Elementary Alumni Association)
  • Workforce Solutions Capital Area
  • Launch Pad Job Club (watch video)
  • AISD (teachers and PTA separately at O Henry Middle School)
  • PTA
  • Girls Empowerment Network (GENAustin)
  • Austin IN connection - Family Matters Texas
  • Association for Play Therapy - Hill Country
  • Child's Day Child Development Center
  • Austin Montessori School
  • Cedars Montessori School
  • St. Catherine's Montessori, Houston, TX
  • Austin Discovery School
  • Children's Discovery Center
  • School in the Hills
  • Good Shepherd Episcopal School
  • St. John Neumann Catholic Church
  • St. Louis School
  • St. Catherine of Siena
  • Bethany United Methodist Church
  • St. Paul's United Methodist Church - Ithaca, NY
  • Unity Church of the Hills
  • Lutheran Social Services (for adoption)
  • Attachment Parenting International Groups
  • Steiner Ranch Home Owners Association
  • Brushy Creek Community Center
  • Numerous Church Groups

Testimonials from Presentations:


"The moms and dads actually closed their computers and listened. That was amazing to see!" - Carrie Sheppherd, PMP, coordinator of Brown Bag for Working Parents South

Launch Pad Job Club:

"Eva, thank you!! You do a wonderful job of presenting deep, insightful material, but making it feel accessible and welcoming/light." - Mike Otten, Positive Psychology Professor

Austin Montessori School

“…a simple, powerful way of working with children that’s as applicable to the challenges of adolescents as it is to the challenges of infants.” - John Snyder, Elementary Educator

Child's Day In-service

"Language of Listening was the perfect workshop for the teachers at our school. After the staff spent two months in an intensive book club on how to communicate with parents, Sandy and Eva came and put the bow on the experience. Their message is not just for parents, but for teachers, too. A simple and yet poignant message." Jerri Thompson, M.Ed, Early Childhood Director, trainer/consultant - ecetoday

"I loved it. It was really simple. One-two-three - solutions!" - Teacher

"It was very entertaining. I feel like I learned a lot, and it will make it easier when I have to talk to parents about difficult situations." - Teacher

"It was really fun! I feel like the information was shown in a realistic way that you could use it in your daily life, like at work or at home, just in general." - Teacher

"I thought that the presenters were really engaging.They weren't talking at us, they were talking with us. They were great at problem-solving, and great at seeing what the core problem was and addressing it, and helping us see that as well." - Teacher

Children's Discovery Center In-service:
From a Pre-K teacher one day after training (names have been changed):
"On a hike two kids were quarreling over who would lead.
Me:  'Oh wow, you want to lead AND you want to lead.  Hmm.  What can you do?'
Amy:  'Ugh, I don't know.'
Maria immediately begins screaming/crying.
Me, to Maria: 'You always have great ideas and solutions to problems.  I feel sure you can come up with something.'
Maria:  Abruptly stops crying.  Cocks her head to the side and says, 'I have an ideaaaa!  We'll [dramatic pause] take turns.'
Me, to Amy: 'Does that work for you?'
Amy: 'Sure...but I go first.'
Maria made a disappointed face, but willingly got behind Amy and let her lead.  They happily took turns switching back and forth throughout the rest of the hike.  Good for them!!"
Austin Attachment Parenting International:

"I got great feedback from folks...For women who work to be informed about their current profession of motherhood, teaching them something new is quite and accomplishment." - Sonya Fehér, Co-Leader

Central Austin Attachment Parenting International:

"Sandy, we think you are one of the most engaging speakers we've had." - Monica Meuller, Co-Leader

"I've heard Sandy speak on two occasions...I truly believe this could be transformational in the way we raise our children." - Rebecca Ray, Co-Leader

Lutheran Social Services (for adoption):

"Thank you for conducting a training class for [our foster parents]...All families that attended were excited about the information they received and are considering your more intense training..." - Rebecca Feekin Gates, LMSW

Austin Discovery School:

"...wonderful resource for our community!!" - Ali Ronder, Development Coordinator

O. Henry Middle School:

"Thanks for your presentation...Some of the teachers were using your 'Say What You See' techniques with each other later that day! 🙂 It was fun." - Pete Price, Principal

Good Shepherd Episcopal School

"I loved the practice and how applicable it is!" - Teacher

"I liked how things were presented and made me think of new approaches with the kids." - Teacher

"It was great to learn more ways to communicate with children." - Teacher

"I like that this approach has its foundation in trusting the children to make good choices." - Teacher

St. Louis School:

"Thank you so much for putting this presentation together. It was a wonderful evening, and one that we can see ourselves benefiting from years from now."- Participant's note forwarded to us by Jeff Kloc, coordinator of presentation

Family Connections:

"I love hearing your talk, and I know these moms would, too." - Melissa Fuentes, Family Place Library Coordinator, requesting a return engagement



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