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Handouts for Parents

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Successful Preschool Drop-offs (click for .pdf)


Simple observation-based how-to's to make preschool drop-offs easier for everyone.

(Written for parents by Sandra Blackard, .pdf 756 words, one-line promotion of Online Training Center at end)

Self-paced Classes for Staff or Parents

Parents or teachers on tight schedules and tight budgets can get two mobile-ready Language of Listening classes (2 clock hours) and more in our Online Training Center. ~5 minute video segments can be watched anytime, anywhere. For group rates or fund-raising options contact us.

In-Service Workshops for Staff (Click for .pdf)

Our interactive workshops for staff can be customized at short notice around almost any topic or age group because of the universal nature of our simple three-step approach. We keep our presentations highly engaging by using examples and real-life situations brought up by participants as we demonstrate how to use the approach.

  • Workshop content and length can be customized
  • Hosts can invite other schools and split costs
  • Workshops can be at your site or virtual

Language of Listening for the Classroom (2-hr):

Staff members learn how to apply our simple three-step approach to individual interactions with children in the classroom so the children feel loved and respected, and are able to cooperate, join-in and learn.

Changing Challenging Moments Into Success (2-hr):

Staff members familiar with our simple three-step approach learn additional tools to help children recognize their hidden strengths, harness their internal motivation, and resolve difficult interactions with each other. Using these tools not only helps create a socially and emotionally safe environment at school, but teaches children how to recreate it in their own lives.

Working with Challenging Parents (2-hr):

Staff members learn how to apply our simple three-part approach to change challenging parents into team members working together with the school toward the child's success.

Q & A (2-hr):

Provides additional time for staff members who have attended a workshop to get questions answered or brainstorm strategies for resolving more complex problems. Q & A can be combined with any of the above classes or scheduled separately for follow-up support or refresher training.

Popular Combinations:

4-hr Training: One Workshop from above plus Q & A (2-hr ea)
6-hr Training: Two workshops from above plus Q & A (2-hr ea)

Language of Listening Campus Program (12 - 16 hrs):

  • Staff Training: Three Workshops (9-hr)
    • Early Fall: Language of Listening for the Classroom (3-hr)
    • Fall: Changing Challenging Moments Into Success (3-hr)
    • Spring: Working with Challenging Parents (3-hr)
  • Follow-up Support Sessions: Two Q & A (3-hr)
    • Fall: Q & A (1.5-hr)
    • Spring: Q & A (1.5-hr)
  • Optional Addition (4 hrs):
    • Early Fall: Director's Workshop - Supporting Staff (2-hr)
    • Fall: Parent Introduction - Eye-Opener (1-hr)
    • Spring: Parent Introduction - Eye-Opener (1-hr)

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Comments from Language of Listening for the Classroom Workshop:

“…a simple, powerful way of working with children that’s as applicable to the challenges of adolescents as it is to the challenges of infants.” - John Snyder, Elementary Educator and Assistant to the Executive Director, Austin Montessori School


“Thanks for your presentation…Some of the teachers were using your ‘Say What You See’ techniques with each other later that day! It was fun.” – Pete Price, Principal, O. Henry Middle School

Comments from Working with Challenging Parents Workshop:

“Language of Listening was the perfect workshop for the teachers at our school. After the staff spent two months in an intensive book club on how to communicate with parents, Sandy and Eva came and put the bow on the experience. Their message is not just for parents, but for teachers, too. A simple and yet poignant message.” Jerri Thompson, M.Ed, Early Childhood Director, Child's Day, Austin, TX, trainer/consultant – ecetoday


“I loved it. It was really simple. One-two-three – solutions!” – Teacher


“It was very entertaining. I feel like I learned a lot, and it will make it easier when I have to talk to parents about difficult situations.” – Teacher


“I thought that the presenters were really engaging. They weren’t talking at us, they were talking with us. They were great at problem-solving, and great at seeing what the core problem was and addressing it, and helping us see that as well.” – Teacher

 Read more comments here.