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Wrong 2

This morning I realized that not only do I not like everything that is "wrong" as I said in the previous post, (of course, how could I?) but it goes the other way, too. Everything I don't like is just plain "wrong." Here's the equation for the collapsed concepts: not liking = wrong. Interesting how completely true this is for me. I've got to do a Breakfast with Sandy segment on this. [Look at...

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I'm working on a new breakthrough around the concept "wrong." So far I've been able to see how it works in relationship to my childhood inability to say what I don't like. If I make something wrong, then I'm justified in not liking it. Ta-Da! That's as far as I've gotten, but I can see it's the core of judgment in my life. Perhaps it will stir some thoughts in you that you could share, though I...

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