Mastery Class – 201 Online (includes 101 Online)

Master our simple coaching skills by DOING.

8-Week Classes for Parents and Teachers of Children Ages 2-12

Hands-on success is the best way to learn!


If you learn best by DOING, this class is designed for you! It combines online audio lessons with video demonstration and hands-on experience in playtime with your child at home.

Master Language of Listening® coaching skills for listening, guidance, and confidence-building in Power Playtimes you create for your child at home, then watch them show up naturally in your daily interactions. Using these skills with your child in one-on-one playtimes – free of distractions – is the key to mastery and enjoying your child more.

Power Playtime Builds Connection


“This class is the easiest to implement, most effective and fun…  All you really have to do is look with new eyes.” — Maite (children 5, 7)


“I just feel a lot more calm, a lot more at ease. Working on those skills in the playtimes, it really has seeped into everyday life.” — Eileen (children 4,5)



Everything changes when your child knows you are on their side!

As this 8-week class progresses, participants report that resistance, tantrums, back-talk, clinging, sibling rivalry, night-time fears, and a number of other troublesome childhood behaviors “magically” begin to disappear. Love, respect, trust, and confidence grow and grow as your child leads the play in your Power Playtimes at home (30 min, once a week during the last four weeks of class). You just SAY WHAT YOU SEE® and get ready for success!

You don’t have to choose between good behavior and a good relationship with your child. With coaching skills, you can have both!

Lauren Tamm of The Military Wife and Mom

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Self-Led, 8-week

201 Mastery Class Online

2-year access

$425 (plus tax)

Money-back guarantee

201 Online Self-Led Mastery Class Includes:

  • Mobile-friendly format
  • Audio instruction by Sandy Blackard
  • 60+ video demonstrations of coaching skills by Sandy, our Authorized Coaches & other real parents
  • Mastery Class Workbook (.pdf)
  • Hands-on experience in your Power Playtimes at home
  • Plus… 2-year access to our 101 Online Basic Coaching Skills Course!* (2nd-year adds $57 value at no extra cost!)
    * Currently registered in 101 Basic Coaching Skills Course? To get credit for your 101 Course payment,

    Log in and UPGRADE to 201 inside your current course! 

Coaching Upgrade Options (for additional fees):

  • Review of one videotaped home playtime – to help you see yourself with “new eyes” 
  • Weekly review of your Mastery Class workbook Self-Reflection responses via email – to support your progress through the class
  • One-hour private coaching call – to find specific solutions you will love 

INTEREST LIST: If you’d prefer to take this class with a group of parents and an Authorized Coach as your guide – Contact Us


Register NOW!

Self-Led, 8-week

201 Mastery Class Online

2-year access

$425 (plus tax)

Money-back guarantee


Sandy, Language of Listening® Founder

Rachel Norman of A Mother Far from Home

The lifetime skills you gain make this class a wise investment for you and your child!

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Sample stills from your

60+ Power Playtime video demonstrations:

Camilla Miller of Keeping Your Cool Parenting

Rose Clark of Love the Way You Parent

Angelika, Coaches Training Graduate

Rena Rišianová, Coaches Training Graduate

Tracy Cutchlow of Zero to Five

Mastery Class Parent

Sandy Blackard, Language of Listening® Founder

Julia, Coaches Training Graduate

Mastery Class Parent


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