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– Who says children don’t come with handbooks?

SAY WHAT YOU SEE® for Parents and Teachers: More Hugs. More respect. Elegantly simple. 

Discover how to:

– SAY WHAT YOU SEE® to always know the right thing to say

– use acknowledgment instead of praise

– add STRENGTHs to change behavior

– set boundaries like walls

– replace “no” with CAN DOs

– grant wishes in fantasy

– and much more in the Paperback, Kindle, and iBook editions.

What’s inside?

The original award-winning content PLUS a bonus section—the new Three Basic Needs tool for finding children’s STRENGTHs quickly and easily.

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“I’ve been using SAY WHAT YOU SEE with my children this week, and I am seeing some incredible changes already. I cannot believe all the hugs, kisses, and I love you’s — and I have ENJOYED my children in an amazing way!” – Jenn (children 2, 4)

“I loved your book so much that I gave it to my Mom just after having read it. I’d love to pass one out to every teacher and parent that I know!” – Milbrey (children 5, 9)

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Language of Listening® Phrase Booklets (PDF’s)

3 Language of Listening® Phrase Booklets


You just want to know what to say or do…RIGHT NOW!!! And you love examples!

Two of our Authorized Language of Listening® coaches, Rose Clark and Camilla Miller, partnered to create this set of 3 example booklets (downloadable, printable PDF’s). Booklets include HUNDREDS of examples of EXACTLY what to say to your child in MOMENTS YOU FACE EVERYDAY.

Print your favorite pages to post on your fridge as reminders!


Set of ALL 3 for £12.00 (approx. $15.00 plus tax)


SAY WHAT YOU SEE® Workshop and More!

Take the SWYS Workshop anywhere, anytime!

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Self-paced parenting classes

“Nothing else makes this kind of difference with the children.”

— Phyllis

(children 10, 11)

Day Care Owner



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Online Basic Coaching Skills Course

The SAY WHAT YOU SEE® Workshop is now available in our mobile-friendly online Institute.
Get 1-year access now!
One-time fee only $57.00 (plus tax)

SWYS Workshop:

Our original SAY WHAT YOU SEE Workshop demonstrates how to turn even the most challenging moments of parenting into rewarding ones by always starting with one thing: SAY WHAT YOU SEE. Specific examples, memorable stories, and teaching points highlighted on-screen show you how to say what you see to:

– help children stop themselves from hitting or throwing in anger;

– help children control their own computer time;

– calm children’s fears without fixing anything;

– reverse cheating;

– reverse avoidance patterns;

– reverse sibling rivalry;

– bring out your child’s strengths;

– encourage creativity;

– open dialog with kids of all ages;

– rebuild a heartwarming connection with your child;

– and more!

Watching the videos puts you in the room with Sandy Blackard and Eva Sim-Zabka as they present this life-changing approach to parenting.

Childcare workers can earn 2 clock hours!

“I was very impressed with the basic concepts – and it all makes so much sense…you learn to appreciate things from a very different perspective…and decode the what’s and why’s behind our children’s actions…My boys have become so much more responsive and behave so nicely when I say what I see.”

— Iris (children 5, 8) – Austin, TX

SAY WHAT YOU SEE® Teen Strengths 
Five audios for parents of teens!
Teen Strengths

Teen Strengths Audio Recordings

SAY WHAT YOU SEE helps with teen challenges, too. Hear our founder Sandy Blackard and master coach Eva Sim-Zabka discuss:

1. Girls’ Group Dynamics – What to do when your child gets bumped out

2. Mom & Daughter interview – Teen perspective on a parent intervention

3. Response to Teen Complaints – Turning complaints into strengths

4. Mom & Teen Playdates – How to rekindle your relationship

5. Framework for Facts of Life – How to help teens make good choices on their own

Read this before purchase:

NOTE: Purchase gives you access to a password-protected page on our website where you can listen to your Teen STRENGTHs recordings.

To access the Teen STRENGTHs page, after purchase, go here:

Get Teen Strengths Password.

Approx. 55 Min. Playing Time
$15.95 (plus tax)

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