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"Being heard is more than a basic human need. It's the key to connecting with our inner greatness and unleashing our full potential."

— Sandy Blackard

Sandy Blackard Listening to Children on Playground

Have you fallen in love with with the Language of Listening® coaching model, tried it, and can't stop sharing it with others? 

If you have a burning desire to learn all you can about Language of Listening and want to help us take it to the world, I can't wait to meet you!

My 12-month Coaching Group (Level I) is your first step toward becoming a Language of Listening® Coach. The next Coaching Group starts soonJanuary 2020.

If becoming part of our Language of Listening® Coaches Network speaks to you, don't wait! The next chance you will get will be in 2022.

Register now, and I will contact you to set up an interview to make sure my training is right for you! You'll find all the details below.

Sandy Blackard, Founder

P.S. If you don't want to become a coach but do want to work with me to deepen your Language of Listening skills, you can sign up for my 4-week or 4-month private coaching packages.

Level I: 12-Month Coaching Group

My Coaching Group is a distance learning program designed for parents, teachers, coaches, bloggers, or other professionals around the world who are dedicated to using my simple coaching model to bring out the greatness in children and helping parents everywhere enjoy being right here and right now with their children.


How does this Coaching Group Work?

Participation in the Coaching Group requires no class work, no homework. Instead you will get to spend a full year talking with me and the other group members (max. 10) in 2 video conference calls per month and in a private discussion group. A private coaching call with me will replace the final group call and wrap up the year.

We will use my coaching model exclusively to guide all of our interactions with each other. This kind of immersion organically supports your growth and development as a future Language of Listening® trainer and coach. Since you will already have some experience with my coaching model either from using it with your own child or in a professional setting, the discussions and the coaching I provide will be guided by your interests, curiosity, and concerns—the exact same way your future coaching sessions will be guided by your clients' interests, curiosity, and concerns.

My coaching approach is based on a deep trust in the client's inner wisdom. I model that in the Coaching Group by following your lead. That guarantees that the coaching and instruction you receive throughout the year will start from right where you are, remain relevant and practical, and help you create the results you want.

What results can I expect?

In our live group coaching calls and private discussion group, your interests, curiosity, and challenges guide the discussions and my coaching responses. By using only Language of Listening coaching skills with each other in the discussion group and on the calls, you will be creating an extraordinary atmosphere of warmth, support, and encouragement that builds strong connection, facilitates exploration, and accelerates personal growth.

As you experience my coaching model in action, not only will your unique strengths unfold and your coaching skills flourish, but you will gain the proof you need to fully trust the Language of Listening coaching model and the premises behind it. It's one thing to understand it, but completely another to experience it yourself.

Your specific results will, of course, be determined by your individual goals and how you apply what you learn. The more you use the coaching model during the two weeks between calls in your life and in the discussion group, the quicker you will attain your goals. 

The pilot coaching group reported complete satisfaction with the results they achieved in the first year of the program. Each one shared that they gotten everything they wanted from the program and more, which is why they all continued into Level II, which I created at their request. (See testimonials below).

Personal Gains: The members of the pilot coaching group gained greater confidence in their coaching abilities, felt a deeper connection with their children, and had major breakthroughs in their own personal growth. Their spouses were so impressed, they started using the coaching skills themselves. But the best part was that the children picked the coaching skills up, too, and began to interact more respectfully with their siblings, friends, and parents! After all, our children do what we do.

Professional Gains: Group members started contributing guest posts to my blog, and those with their own blogs began writing Language of Listening-based posts of their own. By the end of the first year, all group members were capable of designing their own licensed introductory training programs under my supervision, though they opted to continue with Level II instead.

Leading Language of Listening classes, developing advanced training programs, and providing authorized coaching services is reserved for graduates of Level II. Everyone in the pilot group completed Level II in December 2017 as qualified Language of Listening coaches. Two have designed licensed Language of Listening parent training programs of their own. Our current group of Level II graduates will complete their training in December 2019 and are working on their programs already. Generally our license agreements require no up-front annual license fee and royalty rates are set at 10% to help ensure your and our success.

What is the time and financial commitment?

The time commitment for the Coaching Group is approx. 3 to 4 hrs/week for one full year. This includes:

  • Participation in 2 live video conference group calls per month (approx 2 hours each) led by me
  • one private coaching session with me in lieu of the final group call
  • self-directed participation in the online member discussion group.

Calls will be recorded but are not meant to substitute for live attendance. You will be asked to sign a release form.

Call time: TBD (We'll set the day and time together between 10 AM - 10 PM Central Time)

Coaching Group membership: $217/mo.

Contact Sandy for more information

REGISTER NOW for the 2020 Coaching Group

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Register now by paying the 1st Month (or select Full Year to save $260)—interview pending

2020 Level 1 Coaching Group Registration:

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Level II: 12-Month Licensee Training

Licensee Training Course Description:

Licensee Training takes you through all of my classes and ensures mastery of all facets of Language of Listening coaching, including the core principles behind the premises. Classes include Language of Listening Mastery Classes I & II for coaching children and our YOU Classes I & II for self-coaching. Time commitment averages 4 to 6 hrs/week for one year.

You will take these classes as a participant so you can master the skills yourself. At the same time you will be given behind the scenes tips and materials and assistance to help you lead these classes or design your own for parents in the future.

Prerequisite: Level I: 12-month Coaching Group

Call time: TBD

Licensee Training: $267/mo


These are the kinds of results working with me helps you produce:

Rachel Macy Stafford"Sandy, I have been so pleased with my ability to respond to readers lately with the insights you have taught me [via email correspondence]. I wouldn’t have known what to say a year ago, but you have empowered me. One mom wrote back saying that she cried so hard by reading my coaching and thought I was right. I had helped her see herself in a new way. I cannot thank you enough for equipping me to help people even more!"—Rachel Macy Stafford, New York Times Bestselling author of the Hands Free Mama book series and

Tracy Cutchlow, Parent Coach"I spent hundreds of hours researching brain development, child psychology, and positive parenting for my evidence-based parenting book. When I came across Language of Listening, I was amazed by how simply it encapsulated so much of that research. I started practicing it immediately with my 3-year-old. Language of Listening was so effective at ending power struggles with my child—just for starters—that I edited my book to include it. Later, I jumped at the chance to become a licensed coach. When I speak about Language of Listening at conferences, people say it's their favorite session. When parents and teachers ask me for advice, they say they're encouraged and inspired. Best of all, they get results. If you coach parents or teach children, you're already making the world a better place. You won't find a more powerful program to help you do it."—Tracy Cutchlow, author of the international bestseller Zero to Five: 70 Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science and

Lauren Tamm, Parent Coach"I talk about you and my Language of Listening training all the time in a small tribe of 5 bloggers. I was so CRAZY excited when one of them told me they signed up for a coaching session with you that I gushed about you for a good 10 minutes. I realized how often I talk about you, but that I don't really tell you directly: you are one of the most influential people in my life. I often contemplate if you are the MOST influential person to-date. Language of Listening is the framework for my life, and it's woven into everything I do. I think about it always. The words I frequently use to describe you and this program are pure gold and genius. I'm so thankful I found you!"—Lauren Tamm, author of

Angelika Wetter, Parent Coach"I feel how much I have grown with my kids in this relatively short time, and it just feels great! All of this would never have been possible without your powerful guidance and support! I´m deeply thankful for all of this! The experience of working with you and the wonderful people in the Coaching Group has given me a deeper confidence and more stability when things get challenging. Thanks to all of you, I have experienced that we can work it out, and I don´t have to get stuck again."—Angelika Wetter, Argentina

Julia Kurskaya, Parent Coach"Taking part in the 2-year Coaches Training program was a life-changing experience! It was so good to feel heard and understood! I saw such deep changes in the relationship with my kids as we went through the Mastery I & II class (Playtime and Play Patterns)! The YOU class and working with likes, wants and rules has led to some huge aha moments for me. Now I am much more aware of who I am and what I believe. I have gained a new look at my life, and I am fascinated to see so many possibilities in front of me!"—Julia Kurskaya, Russia

Zuzana Macková, Parent Coach"Before I started the two year Coaching Training with Sandy, little I knew of what a huge impact it would have not only on my own life, but the life of my whole family and all the relationships I am creating each and every day.

To be honest, I was only searching for some tips on how to approach my sons in a loving and respectful way during challenging moments. What I found throughout those two years of Sandy`s genuine leading and a huge support of the small closed group of amazing, wise human beings is, that even in challenging moments one can be respectful to the self and the other, that it is possible to hold the space for fulfilling your own needs and at the same time the needs of your loved ones.

Through all those conversations we had, all thoughts we shared and exercises we did, I was coming closer and closer to my center, true self. Acting from my centered self allows me to listen without judgment and respond instead of react. I can step out from my learned reactions, skip all the assumptions and truly listen with an opened heart and mind.

What left me in awe was the fact that through my changed communication and listening, my husband was changing his communication and listening without me even telling him.

I recommend this training to all parents, teachers and coaches who wish to create deep, respectful and meaningful relationships. Who are willing to reach another level of listening, being and understanding. To all of you who have the courage to look deep inside yourself and reconnect with your true, powerful, centered self. This training creates a space for you to make a difference in your life and the life of the community you live in."—Zuzana Macková, author of

Rachel Norman, Parent Coach"I've only been in the Coaching Group two months and already know that I want to do Level II next year. My husband won't even stop talking about Language of Listening, and I'm not blowing smoke about that. He really sees how it's made a big difference with us, and it even resonates with him as an adult. He feels so validated and works really hard to do it with our kids even though it doesn't come natural."—Rachel Norman, author of

Contact Sandy now for more information, or to be notified when registration for the Coaching Group opens on September 1, 2019.