Basic Coaching Skills Course

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Learn 3 transformative Language of Listening® coaching skills!

(2 clock hrs* for child care professionals)

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Basic Coaching Skills Course

Featuring Two SAY WHAT YOU SEE® Classes & More

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Get ready for more hugs, more respect, and more cooperation using simple life coaching skills! When you switch from control to coaching, you get amazing results!

"Say what you see is really working for me right now. I’ve watched your online videos and enjoyed them so much, they were a lot of fun and most of all, they kept it more over-thinking anything or worrying 'Is this the right thing to do?' Now I know what I can do. I have read a lot of parenting books, all helpful, but Language of Listening gave me something they hadn't, simplicity! If you are ever putting up any of your other courses online, I would definitely be a customer." Persia Ryan (child 17 mo) Dublin, Ireland

Self-paced mobile parenting classes

"Say what you see" ALWAYS works for me. Its just great to see a child's face when you use this process!" Fiona Jackson, Family Day Care Educator, Adelaide, South Australia

"My son, who was about 5 at the time, was having overwhelming outbursts of aggression. This new perspective and means of communication I learned was like a lifeline. My son, now 7, not only shows tremendous self-control, he is very mature in his ability to recognize and voice his feelings. I credit Sandy's insight, and the simplicity of the Language of Listening model as a very effective way to communicate with both my children when things get tough." Eileen (children 7, 9) Austin, TX

"Thanks a lot for the detailed feedback on my completed Study Guide for Clock Hours. I never expected you would put such time and effort into evaluating my work and giving me tips to improve. I feel grateful, empowered and inspired. And I want to let you know that Say What You See is working wonders for me. Heartfelt gratitude for teaching me this. I have already started recommending this course to my peers because it's worth it! Thanks to you and Eva." Nidhi (child 6), Complete Kids, Melbourne, Australia

What you'll get:

    • MOBILE ACCESS - master our one-of-a-kind program anywhere and anytime... on your computer, tablet or cell phone... at your own pace... waiting in line or while your child completes a class...
    • KEY CONCEPTS CLASS - 20-min eye-opening introduction to our simple tools and why they work (4-part video)
    • SAY WHAT YOU SEE WORKSHOP - our revolutionary 90-min workshop for stepping into coaching and leaving children's resistance behind in 25 convenient 3-6 minute videos for parents and teachers
    • MINI-ECOURSE - extra coaching tips and examples delivered to your inbox every three days for 3 weeks and reminders near the end of your year to guide you through the course and help you leave old habits behind
    • QUICK REFERENCE SHEETS - two printable sheets to keep your new life-changing tools front and center at home or at school
    • BONUSES - extra video examples and downloadable materials including a study guide!
    • Q&A ASK SANDY ARCHIVE - find complete answers to 30 common questions parents and teachers ask

Online Training for Dads, Moms, Teachers


ALL for a one-time fee of $57 (plus tax)

Unlimited access for one year

Money-back guarantee

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Like our live classes, our Basic Coaching Skills Course can be completed in a few hours, but knowing what it's like to be a parent with growing children and changing needs, you can watch any 3-6 min video as often as you like throughout your year, try new skills, complete the 3-week eCourse, review the videos, and find answers to more questions in our archive.

Unlimited access for one full year makes sure you get the chance to leave old habits behind and step fully into this new way of working with children.

“I’ve been using SAY WHAT YOU SEE with my children this week, and I am seeing some incredible changes already. I cannot believe all the hugs, kisses, and I love yous — and I have ENJOYED my children in an amazing way!” Jenn (children 2, 4), Austin, TX

"So glad to have found you - this is so simple (not easy) but definitely simple and inherently makes such exceptional sense." Diane Gamble, retired nursing professor, Nelson, British Columbia



"Thank you for all you do. I thoroughly enjoyed the online course. I have read the book and am implementing SAY WHAT YOU SEE at home. It has rocked my world for my own emotional intelligence." — Kat, (children 2, 4), Pre-K Teacher, Texas


"I've believed wholeheartedly in the concept and have seen it work magic for as long as I've been a preschool teacher. However, even being experienced, I found this training incredibly enlightening and motivating! I learned many new aspects as well as the logical reasons that explain children's behavior and why it is important for us to follow this concept as we respond to them. Eye-opening!" Chrissy Farias, Pre-K Teacher, The Loft School, Marion, MA

More about our featured SAY WHAT YOU SEE® Workshop for Parents and Teachers:

Taped before a live audience, the Original SAY WHAT YOU SEE® Workshop puts you right in the room with Sandy and Eva, our Language of Listening® experts, as they demonstrate how to turn even the most challenging moments with children into rewarding ones.

Gain insights and proven tools that will allow you to:

  • take the struggle out of parenting and working with children
  • help children stop themselves from hitting or throwing in anger
  • help children control their own computer time
  • calm children’s fears without fixing anything
  • stop cheating
  • reverse avoidance patterns
  • resolve sibling rivalry
  • bring out your child’s strengths
  • encourage creativity
  • open dialog with kids of all ages
  • create or rebuild a heartwarming connection with your child
  • and MUCH, MUCH MORE!

If you liked our award-winning handbook SAY WHAT YOU SEE® for Parents and Teachers (two gold awards!), you will love our online classes. They go hand-in-hand to provide you with easy-to-use coaching skills and clarity about what works with children at home and at school. 2012 Gold NAPPA Award SealGold eLit Award Seal

Language of Listening transforms how you see children forever.

Learn it, use it, and keep it for life.

"It not only taught me how to better communicate with children, but it all but completely diminished frustrations shared by both the children and myself over lack of communication. I've gone on to teach my clients some of the things I've learned and love to see their reactions when they see it actually WORKS! I've never learned so many useful techniques or learned so much about my own children as I have from Sandy. Changed the way I parent and teach forever." Phyllis (children 13, 14), Child Care Owner

"I've used this with my children and clients. As simple as it is, it has the ability to change every relationship you have or will ever have." Dr. Theresa Kellam, author of The Parent Survival Guide

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"An easy parenting strategy that really works." Dr. Laura Markham

Sample Workshop Video

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101 Online
Basic Coaching Skills Course


Two SAY WHAT YOU SEE® Classes & More

One-time fee of $57 (plus tax)
Unlimited access for one year

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Money-back guarantee

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