Who We Are & What We Do

Changing what you see makes it easy to change how you respond.

Authorized Language of Listening® Coaches teach life coaching skills you can use in daily interactions with children that change what you see and how you react.

Each time you use your new skills, children’s resistance disappears and their best selves appear like magic!!!

For over 20 years, award-winning parenting author, Sandy Blackard, and the Language of Listening® team have been the go-to experts for what works with children…in three simple steps. We offer:

We believe that children are inherently great and our job as parents or teachers is to help them see it. Whether or not your parents saw it in you, we can help you find and bring out hidden strengths in your child and yourself, and stop unwanted behaviors at the source.

Done with dragging feet, rolling eyes, biting, hitting, kicking, screaming and sibling rivalry? How about your own yelling, frustration and feeling stuck? We have the tools for you!

“It’s like learning to see with new eyes!” – Maite (children 4, 6)

“I’ve been using the Language of Listening with my children this week, and I am seeing some incredible changes already. I cannot believe all the hugs, kisses, and I love you’s — and I have ENJOYED my children in an amazing way!” – Jenn (sons 2, 4)

“What you have given me is what I want to be able to give to my daughter. And indeed, as many as I can. This gift has changed my life.” – Laurie (child 6)

To start using Language of Listening coaching skills right now:

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