Videos for Parenting and Personal Growth

Saying what you see will change the way you see your world. Watch videos of Sandy and Eva in action to experience the difference this new perspective can make for the children in your life and you.

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  1. Add your comments here! The Language of Listening team and I would love to hear from you! – Sandy

  2. Amanda |

    I just watched all these videos. This is fantastic! Thank you for your contribution. You articulate so well what I’ve observed in myself for a while but could never define and look at it objectively.

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment! Looking at things objectively is indeed the key to all insights and awareness. Saying what you see makes it easy. The results are always profound.

  3. Nancy |

    Hello Sandy, I am a single mom and teacher. I really appreciate all your videos. Thank you for sharing these, they are helping me to grow as a person and that is what I need in order to be what I am.

  4. Etie |

    You are a true inspiration! I hope to incorporate validating my preschool students the way you do in your clear examples. I look forward to your continuing to share and continue to be a part of every child’s healthy social/emotional maturation process.

  5. Thank you for your unguarded honesty, humility and humanity…. I am deeply touched … because that depth from which you so generously shared was heard and felt by an equal level of depth within myself that is not often addressed. What a gift.

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