About SAY WHAT YOU SEE® (SWYS) - The Missing Step in Parenting

Language of Listening® provides life coaching skills and a coaching perspective to parents and teachers like you who want to bring out the best in their children.

Step into the new LIFE COACHING paradigm and leave power struggles behind.*

Our simple three-part approach puts children in touch with their best selves and gets you more hugs and more respect each time you use it. It’s simple because it always starts with one thing: SAY WHAT YOU SEE – the missing step in parenting, teaching and personal growth!

Seeing is the key. Since what you see is different in each situation, what you say is, too. You don’t need complicated instructions for helping children get dressed, stop fighting, finish homework, do chores, brush teeth, go to bed, etc. Kids can do those things naturally and willingly when you shift from force to guidance.

Our simple tools help you change the way you see children and provide guidance, so children can become their best cooperative selves. No bribes, no punishment.

Parents love it:

“It’s like learning to see with new eyes!” – Maite (children 4, 6)

“I’ve been using the Language of Listening with my children this week, and I am seeing some incredible changes already. I cannot believe all the hugs, kisses, and I love yous — and I have ENJOYED my children in an amazing way!” – Jenn (sons 2, 4)

“Saying what you see is a great, easy way to relate to a child without getting stuck in ‘What should I say?’ What to say is right in front of you – you just need to put it into words objectively. I can always do that!” – Beth (children 3, 7)

To start using the Language of Listening right now to change challenging moments with your child into rewarding ones:

Read the book.  Watch videos.  Take classes.  Visit the blog.  Shop SWYS.  Get updates.

*Note from Sandy:


It recently dawned on me that the 3 steps of Language of Listening® I have been teaching for over 10 years are actually LIFE COACHING SKILLS! No wonder each time you use them, children’s resistance disappears and their best selves appear like magic!!!


As you go learn more about Language of Listening, keep that in mind and you will actually feel what it’s like to coach your child instead of manage their behavior. That’s you stepping into the new Life Coaching paradigm and leaving parenting struggles behind!


We will be updating the website to reflect this shift over the coming months. I just wanted you to know now, so you could experience the difference while we evolve.