Swim Class Success Training

Swim Class Success Training


Ever wonder what a private parent coaching call sounds like? This one that I did with a parent started with a text:

My almost 4-year-old threw a mega tantrum at swim class today 🙁


I tried  hard to do SAY WHAT YOU SEE! Tried to be super empathic, match her emotion and everything went to heck. She had been begging me to do swim classes because her sister was doing them, so I signed her up. Well, today was the first day, and she LOST it big time.


Finally after 30 minutes of full on screams I had had enough, and we left. Well that made her freak out even more, and she fell and scraped her knees and elbows which escalated everything!


What did I do wrong? What should I have done?

Listen to the call here:



In the first 9 minutes of the call, you will discover that tantrums are not always what they seem. Then you’ll find out exactly how to use Language of Listening® “Success Training” to help children skip tantrums and overcome fears. At the end, you’ll hear a major shift in the parent’s tone as her confidence in herself and her child returns.

When we teach kids through finding their strengths, we’re really teaching them through success.

Coaching, anyone? I’d love to talk to you, too!

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  1. Mom of Two |

    My daughter refused to go to swim lessons for the last six months. I always had to force her. I tried what you suggested at swimming today and it worked! I told her that she can decide how close she wants to go to the water and within a few minutes she wanted to swim! No resistance! It felt great and above all so respectful to her.
    Thank you so much for your support!

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