Becoming Multidimensional

Becoming Multidimensional

One year ago I got my body back. I realized my long-standing denial statement was actually right:  I’m not my body, I simply have one. Since I wrote that post  I’ve been Jazzercising for fun and continuing to dance when I hear music, dress my body up, use makeup, style my hair, and best of all, smile when I look in the mirror!

I’m jumping into this year with a whole new level of physical and mental freedom thanks to Michelle Wald and her amazing Aston Patterning® bodywork. On her website she describes it like this:

Whether you are in pain, training for optimal performance or just ready to feel young again, Aston-Patterning® is a revolutionary approach to step back into your best body and recover balance, alignment and freedom.

She is not kidding! What she does is basically SAY WHAT YOU SEE for the body and just as transformational! She started from where I was, listened with her eyes, and as she worked along my back, arms, ribs and legs, she listened with her hands to what my body wanted to do. In response, she pushed or reversed direction in order to relax or stretch the tissue that was restricting my movement here, or pulling me out of alignment there. My shoulder blades started to glide as they should, my ribs started to expand as they should, and stuck places I didn’t even know I had began to move as they should.

The physical results were amazing. Now when I walk my shoulders rest comfortably on my frame, my arms swing freely, my head moves smoothly, but more than that, my new expandable rib-cage allowed  my lungs to stay clear so that for the first time in decades I did not get my annual attack of bronchitis. I still can’t believe it – NO time flat on my back at all, even though it was going around.

And there’s more! The new flexibility in my body has been transformational for my brain as well! It’s hard to explain, but somehow I’ve always felt two dimensional – physically and mentally. I love linear logic. I started college majoring in math and physics but dropped both when they got multi-dimensional.  My art conservation/restoration career was in 2-D paintings, not 3-D objects.  I love simple cartoons. I’ve never understood how people could multitask; I can do one thing well at a time. I have never been much of a team player since I can’t keep track of what others are doing, etc…

Not any more. Welcome to the new three-dimensional Sandy. As my arms went from moving back and forth to swinging around my body when I walk, so did my thoughts. I’ve known for a while that SAY WHAT YOU SEE is the essence of all personal relationships with others and ourselves. Now I see it in our bodies and in my business planning, too. Just a hint of things to come. Stay tuned.

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  1. Thank you Sandy, it is just what I do. Thank you for explaining so elequently!

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