Blooper Video – Toddler Tea Party

I hope you get a kick out of this video snippet of my attempts at "guidance" in the years before Language of Listening®. This is where I started, and why I'm not kidding when I say, "If I can do it, anybody can!"

For all the other moms (and dads) who judge themselves harshly, this is my gift to you! - Warmly, Sandy



P.S. As you can see, despite my judgments, questions, directions and threats, Colleen and Betsy resolved the sharing conflict brilliantly on their own. Turns out, I didn't need to say a word.

Music Credit: Teddy Bears' Picnic, John W. Bratton composer


Can you find my hidden STRENGTHs in this interaction with my kids? (Hint: intentions)

Finding STRENGTHs in my blooper moments can help you bring self-acceptance to your own. I'd love to hear your thoughts below.




  1. Michelle Amriel |

    Ha! This is great Sandy! Thank you for your vulnerability 🙂

  2. Michelle, so glad you enjoyed it. I have so much compassion for the mom I was. I tried so hard, but my “exclusion” hot button was always activated, which made it impossible to see Colleen’s point of view. No wonder she glowered at me! Thank goodness kids are so resilient! Language of Listening and do-overs turned it all around!

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