Go the (Bleep) to Sleep

Go the (Bleep) to Sleep

Never let it be said that we at Language of Listening don't have a good sense of humor. This "children's book for parents," Go the (Bleep) to Sleep by Adam Mansbach, put us in stitches!

What does it have to do with SAYing WHAT YOU SEE? It reflects just how you feel when you're exhausted and your toddler won't go to sleep. The irreverent and downright rude language leaves you feeling like you are not alone; like it's OK to be you, even when you are at your worst.

That's the gift of being heard. When you can laugh at yourself instead of feeling guilty, you're there -- in the space of growth!

How does a "wise and patient" parenting author like me know? I was there many times before I learned to say what I see. If you find this book refreshingly funny, and NOT justification for thoughts and actions you don't like, know that you are definitely not alone. You are on the path to growth.

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  1. Thank you Sandy, I still sometimes feel this way even though my kids are 7 and 10! When will it end!

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