Insight Into Suffering?

Insight Into Suffering?

What if the process of emotional “healing” weren’t healing at all?

What if emotional “injuries” were not actually damages?

What if emotional “injuries” were simply wrong beliefs that just didn’t fit with who you really are, but the thoughts and beliefs about self came with proof that was really, really convincing to the point that you almost actually believed them?

What if these wrong beliefs felt so bad and persisted so long because you needed to remember to come back and set them straight? After all, isn’t suffering impossible to ignore?

As a kind of signpost or marker for a wrong belief that needs to be revisited and validated for a breakthrough, wouldn’t that make suffering kind of a good thing and a handy partner for pain?

Breakthroughs disappear suffering and give you back your life in an instant by reconnecting you with who you really are! That couldn’t be possible if there were actual damage.

You can track down wrong beliefs by inquiring into the thoughts that cause you suffering, then break through them yourself by saying what you see. That’s what this personal growth blog is all about. If you want help, Eva and I are available for private coaching.

What breakthroughs would you like to have? What wrong beliefs are causing you suffering right now?

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