Stuck? Quick Catalyst for Change

Stuck? Quick Catalyst for Change

If you consciously or unconsciously resist change, this simple thought could be the start of something new!

This short video was inspired by my daughter Colleen and her realization that change could be additive. Wha...?!!! It certainly has worked for her on her path to achieving recognition as an artist in NYC.

Let me know what you think of this quick catalyst for change:
(Please excuse the bad camera angle - early days of selfies.)

P.S. If you noticed those were dropped buds not old blooms on the paper, you were right. It's what happened when I moved the plant, but I hope you still got the idea  😉


More on loss and change:

Loss or Security – Which Is More Real to You?


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  1. Betsy |

    Awesome! I definitely associate change with loss. I can’t wait to see what effect this realization has on the big changes I want to have happen in my life!

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