Reclaiming Spontaneity

Reclaiming Spontaneity


Do you have the freedom to "just do stuff" without overthinking? Here's what stopped me, what STRENGTHs came out of it, and what it's like on the other side of this breakthrough in spontaneity.





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Afterthought: I just realized, this video is also closely related to my first Breakfast with Sandy video ever, which was about not being ready and my fear of abandonment. Wow! Full circle.

But the level of this breakthrough was deeper and was followed by immediate action -- posting this unedited video and launching the Year of Solutions course (a set of 12 pre-recorded coaching calls) on a new platform in a matter of days, with help!!! That never happens!

I'm very used to working at my own pace, in my own way, on my own or with my husband Pat who tolerates my slow and deliberate approach with a stunning degree of grace. But at that pace, it would take me 3 months or more to complete a project like this launch!

After this breakthrough, my daughter Colleen's boyfriend and website developer, Nathan Windsor*, showed up, took on the project, and managed it at what felt like breakneck speed. That guy is unstoppable! I know, because I tried. And each time my fears flared up, he met them with validation and a crazy amount of patience.

Changing old habits pretty much requires "just doing stuff" after a breakthrough to get the experience needed to reinforce the new neural patterns (especially after more than 60 years!). So given that exact phrase, "You can't just do stuff," was my block, you can imagine how hard it was for me to change this ingrained pattern and how grateful I am for his coaching and support.

Now that the course is done, up and available, I'm extremely pleased and relieved that it's out there to support your journey into mastery of the coaching skills I teach. And in hindsight, I just have to say that Nathan was actually right about all of the decisions I fought him on along the way, including the big one -- just getting it done.

...By the way, in the video, that's my coaching space. Now you know what it would feel like to join me for a private coaching session via video call. When you're ready to "just do stuff" but "just feel stuck" instead, sign up here for your breakthrough! 

* Note: Nathan's own website is still under construction; he's been occupied with everyone else's. Just for fun, check it out today, then come back tomorrow and the day after. Watch how quickly he gets stuff done!

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